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Job title: EDPV Field Project Coordinator 
Reports to: EDPV Project Director
Effective date: 1st November 2016
EDPV project office in NhaTrang

1. Organisational Context                                                                           
 The Eliminate Dengue Program is a large multi-institution research program led by Professor Scott O’Neill, Director of Institute of Vector-borne Disease (IVBD)at Monash University. It is developing a new approach to control mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue (www.eliminatedengue.com). The work is funded primarily through the Grand Challenges in Global Health initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In Vietnam the National Institute for Hygiene and Epidemiology is implementing the project, with support from the Institute Pasteur NhaTrang, KhanhHoa Department of Health, Monash University,AFAP and the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit.

The approach adopted by our research program is highly novel, using a naturally occurring obligate intracellular insect bacterium, Wolbachiapipientis, to block transmission of dengue viruses by the primary mosquito vector Aedesaegypti. This blocking effect is best described as a vaccine for the mosquito.

The Vietnam releases are currently focussed on the field site of Tri Nguyen Island, an island off the coast of NhaTrang, which is situated in KhanhHoa Province on the south central coast of Vietnam.  The first release deployed the wMelPop strain of Wolbachia, while the second release is utilizing the wMel strain.

The goals of the first two Vietnam pilot releases are:

Demonstrate both the establishment of Wolbachia infection and invasion into natural mosquito populations.

Demonstrate that the anti-dengue properties of Wolbachia are present in mosquitoes under field conditions.

Demonstrate to the community and also other countries that a release is not harmful.

The EDPV is beginning the preparation phase for a large-scale Wolbachia release in NhaTrang city. This new project will move to a focus on epidemiological outcomes, which will hopefully provide evidence of a reduction in dengue transmission in areas where the Wolbachiamosquitoes occur. It is this new project that the EDPV Project Coordinator will manage.

2. JOB PURPOSE SUMMARY                                                                 
 The EDPV Field Project Coordinatorwill be responsible for the implementation of all project activities on a large-scale Wolbachia release in NhaTrang city. The Field Project Coordinator will utilise highly developed influencing, planning, project management, communicationand financial skills to provide the project with strategic insight, practical plans and advice to deliver activities, and to proactively identify and mitigate risks.

To succeed in this role, the individual will use these strong relationships and influencing skills to build communicative, valued and transparent relationships with each Group Team Leader and their individual project teams. A high level of communication and interpersonal skills will underpin this regular open dialogue, so that all project team members and partners are acutely aware of project progress, and how best to support the different Groups. An astute set of practical skills in management in at least one of the four groups is a prerequisite to ensure value and positive impact to the project.

The successful candidate will have experience in project planning and implementation, an understanding of the Wolbachia technology, awareness of regulatory and community engagement approaches and strong financial skills. To achieve this, a combination of previous experience and rapid on-the-job learning will be required
3. AUTHORITY                                                                                               
 Reporting line: The position reports to both the EDPV Project Coordinator and Project Director and works with a high degree of autonomy under broad direction from the Project Director Board.

Supervisory responsibilities: The Field Project Coordinator will be responsible for all EDPV staff based in NhaTrang. Direct line reports include the 4 Group Team Leaders and administrative and financial staff.

Financial delegation and/or budget responsibilities: This position has complete financial delegation upon approved budgets by the EDPV Project Director.
 4. MAIN AREAS OF RESPONSIBILITY                                                    
 Key responsibilities / accountabilities

The Field Project Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the successful implementation of the project fulltime in NhaTrang, providing strategic advice, monitoring and management support, ensure effective use of reporting mechanisms, and coordinate field activities among stakeholders and with Monashunder direction of Project Director Board. The Field Project Coordinator is expected to perform the following responsibilities, but not limited to:   

Build trusted valuable relationships with key leadership and operational roles within the project team to provide advice and direction; spanning strategic engagement with regulators and key stakeholders, through to implementation considerations of entomology, epidemiology, diagnostics and community engagement activities;

Supervise and provide technical assistance toGroup Team Leaders and project staff as required;

Ensure there is regular open communication to work through and support the resolution of issues as they arise, managing and mitigating risks to ensure the success of the EDPV;

Identify and suggest opportunities for implementation improvement, and where relevant provide guidance in implementing new procedures, protocols, or methods;

Responsible for project reporting and tracking of key indicators for evaluation of activity implementation, data quality and objective achievement;

Ensure compliance of assigned activities with Good Clinical Practices, Standard Operating Procedures, NIHE and MOH policies or other standards as appropriate;

Ensure that the EDPV meets their obligations and contractual criteria;

Define and manage the field project budget, and be responsible for financial management and acquittals to MOH and the donor;

a. Daily financial management of resources for field activities in accordance with the approved budget;

b. Ensure adherence to administrative, project management and financial rules and regulations;

c. Coordinate project procurement and logistics activities with administrative support personnel;

Represent the EDPV at regulatory and donor meetings, as well as professional meetings as required

6. QUALIFICATIONS REQUIRED                                                            
1. Relevant postgraduate qualifications – such as biological science, social science, medical science,public health or a general science degree, or extensive and highly relevant previous experience
 Technical knowledge/skills
2. Proven experience in planning and implementing large-scale and complex projects, particularly in an environment where continuous change;
3. Demonstrated ability to cultivate and sustain trusted valuable relationships, ideally across a range of institutions and communities;
4. Previous experience in a role requiring deep levels of engagement with regulatory bodies and/or community groups;
5. Demonstrated high level interpersonal and communication skills including the ability to influence, negotiate, and provide advice with a wide range of individuals and agencies, especially those outside the EDPV in order to achieve specific objectives;
6. Proven ability to act independently, take initiative within established management guidelines, and have the ability to be self-organizing, work under pressure and meet deadlines
7. Ability to implement new systems and procedures that will contribute to increased operational efficiency;
8. Demonstrated ability to be a collaborative and supportive team member, who can be insightful, proactively helpful and bring value beyond the immediate needs of the day-to-day role;
9. Demonstrated ability in management.

 Key Competencies

1. Minimum 5 years of work experience in project management and implementation, donor liaison, operations, administration, or related functions (project director/coordinator of international health project…)

2. Work experience in large scale project implementation

3. Extensive working experience in dealing with government stakeholders, media

4. Experience in preparing reports to donors and stakeholders, and coordinating the compliance to Vietnam regulations, grant requirements an asset

5. Experience in monitoring, managing and evaluating of projects

6. Past experience in coordinating impact evaluation activities and familiarity with social-scientific research methods is an advantage

7. Excellent command of both oral and written Vietnamese and English

7. PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                                              
Please send the proof documents as follows:

1. Cover letter

2. Curriculum vitae

3. Application form

4. Certified copies of certificates/degrees and transcript

5. Certificate of Health

6. Certified photo of identity card

7. Confidential application form

Softcopy of these documents are sent by October 16, 2016 at contact below:

Email:  dth1@nihe.org.vn

Address:   Personnel Department (Phòng Tổ chức cán bộ)

National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology

(Viện Vệ sinh Dịch tễ Trung ương)

No 1 Yersinstreet,Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for interviews. Hardcopy of above-mentioned documents must be presented at the interview.

Organisational Chart

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